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Universal GM Throttle body harness

Universal GM Throttle body harness Image

GM Throttle body Harness. For use on V6 Or V8 applications. This harness requires the use of a 1227747 ecm and correct sized prom chip for your application. Harness does not include transmission wiring or provisions for a lock up transmission. It will require the use of one of our lock up kits if you run a lock up transmission.

Our harnesses are all hand made with top of the line copper strand wire. Each harness comes complete with the necessary relays and its own fused power source. Each harness comes complete with installation instructions and full technical support. We use only GM color codes for easy trouble shooting. Our harnesses come completely loomed with automotive grade split loom. We use all GM grade connectors. Installation consists of simply laying out the harness on the motor and plugging in the various devices. Each harness has 3 feet or reach from the rear of the engine to the ECM. We have also supplied the correct rubber grommet if you chose to install the computer inside the car. Our harnesses remove all the provisions for the unwanted items, such as no emissions items.

Installation Instructions

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Weight:3.000 lbs