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E38 ECM Programming

E38 ECM Programming Image

2007-2014 ECM programming only.

Remove all emissions items
Remove A/C functions
Turn off Anti theft functions
Turn on or off fans or Set Fan temps
Remove Rear O2 sensors
Disable any DTC code you want
Set or remove speed/rev limiters
Operating system patches
Custom operating systems may be available upon request for and added cost

After you purchase please call us at 618-282-2852 with the options you wish and send us your pcm, or fill out the form located

Please send your PCM to:
Larry's Electric
33 Saint Leo Rd
Ruma, IL. 62278

Note: We DO NOT provide custom tunning through the mail, if you have a camed up engine we cant provide the proper tune based on what you say you have.

Please allow 2-3 working days for order processing. For faster service please call and place your order. Please see our shipping policy before ordering.

All Prices are subject to change

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