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13 Fuse chassis wiring harness

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Our harnesses are all hand made with top of the line copper strand wire. Each harness comes complete with installation instructions and full technical support. We use only GM color codes for easy trouble shooting. Our harnesses are made with wires that are coated with a flame retardant coating. Each terminal is machine crimped and tug tested, splicing is also done by machine and followed up by hand soldering. We use all GM grade connectors.

All the wires have the components printed on them. Comes with 2 head light pig tails and all standard GM style connectors (IE. head light switch, ignition switch, dimmer switch, and turn signal switch.) Fuse block comes complete with heavy duty flashers, correct sized fuses, and horn relay. Fuse block is clearly labeled for each circuit. Circuits include headlights, dome, fan, tail, turn, hazzard, stop, horn, radio, heater/ac, gauges, wipers, ect... Additional circuits maybe but not limited to, power windows, power seats, power door locks, battery hot, ignition hot, ect... Included with the harness is an additional 8 gauge wire (optional) for higher output charging systems.

Please call and place your order if you need additional circuits

Installation Instructions

Please allow 2-3 working days for order processing. For faster service please call and place your order. Please see our shipping policy before ordering.

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